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2020 Design Portfolio Show

Focal Point is the winning theme for the 2020 Sinclair Design Portfolio show which was unfortunately canceled due to COVID-19. 

The inspiration of Focal Point’s theme derives from the definition of Focal Point itself: "the center of interest or activity." Focal Point is also the most important part of the hierarchy, that which deserves the most attention. 


The Sinclair Design Program has served as our center of interest or ‘Focal Point’ for the past two years. It is at Sinclair where we all shared the same common goal of learning all that we can about the art of design.


Focal Point Logoweb-11.png
Focal Point Logo-01.jpg
Focal Point Logo-02.jpg

Show Program

This is the program that would be used at the show to give helpful information as well as logistics about the event. Using shapes taken from the brand mark throughout has aided in the hierarchy of text as well as break up images and text.

Focal Point_front.jpg

Show Invitation

This invite was designed to give to friends and family of the graduating class. When making this invite, it was vital to display the current construction map of Sinclair as well as clearly display when and where the show was being held.

Final Family Invite.jpg
Final Family Invite2.jpg
Focal Point Pillar Wrap for
Focal Point Pillar Wrap for
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